Welcome to Manufacturing and Quality Services, Inc.

Since our founding in 1998, our goal has been to provide specialized manufacturing and quality sciences support to business and industry.

Quality – Technical – Process Improvement Training

We provide a wide range of quality, technical, and process improvement training designed to build workforce competency. Quality Training is a successful blend of classroom learning and application activities. We do pre and post evaluations to determine learning and competency.

Training Development

We provide quality training development for individualized situations from your internal workforce to customer and end user training processes. We provide delivery of the training materials in traditional and digital formats.

Project Consulting

We provide project leadership, execution, and resources. These projects are typically ones that an organization is not staffed to complete, yet must be completed, being mandated by customers, regulatory agencies, or the marketplace.

Minitab Sales and Training

We are an authorized reseller of MINITAB products and provide extensive training in Minitab 18 and Quality Companion software.

Service Surrounded by Quality

Check out what we offer – we’re sure that we have something that will benefit your organization. If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact us and we’ll design it for you – our goal is your success.