March 2019

Yellow Belt Training

Monday / Tuesday , March 11 and 12, 2019   

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This specific 2 day training provides you with comprehension of the fundamental methodologies utilized for Six Sigma problem solving. This Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course covers the basic improvement procedures and their necessary metrics. In the case of many organizations, the person who has Yellow Belt training is also a SME or “subject matter expert”. He or she can become a central team member on an individual project or multiple team projects.

Participants in this class will become familiar with the fundamental tools associated with Six Sigma road-map – DMAIC. The goal of the Yellow Belt training is to give students the necessary tools required in order to become a valuable player within a company’s larger goals and objectives.

This Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training offers the following benefits:

  • A classroom environment with opportunity for instructor and class interaction
  • The opportunity to see a broader picture and higher understanding of daily tasks that convert into enhanced quality, decreased waste, and improved productivity

Six Sigma Yellow Belt graduates contribute to a company by supporting the larger Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement Process. These individuals understand the concepts used to collect critical information on processes  and to use that information in the problem-solving process. Yellow Belt trained  individuals can provide monetary savings to the company through utilizing this process.

Who should attend: Anyone who interacts with processes and needs to be able to improve the processes in a timely and efficient manner. Also, anyone who is beginning the Six Sigma journey towards advanced material such as Green Belt or Black Belt processes. There are no prerequisites other than familiarity with Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point.

FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

Tuesday, March 26, 2019   

Cost $295.00 / Student     Register

This 1 day class is a hands on introduction to the FMEA risk management process as outlined in the AIAG Manual – 4th Edition. The overall process of using an FMEA for a system, design, process or service is discussed.  Process FMEA (PFMEA) table development and completion is highlighted and the participants perform a PFMEA and present their results during the class.

Who should attend: Anyone involved in process development and risk management in the manufacturing process or anyone needing to fulfill the PFMEA requirement for a PPAP submission. Process and quality engineers, technicians and inspectors will benefit from the practical hands on approach of the class. Supervisors and managers will benefit from understanding how these techniques fit into the larger manufacturing and quality process and risk management.

Measurement System Analysis – MSA

Wednesday, March 27, 2019     

Cost $295.00 / Student     Register

This 1 day class covers the fundamental concepts and applications of measurement system analysis for both variable data measurement systems. Concepts of resolution, accuracy, precision, bias, linearity, repeatability and reproducibility are covered. Techniques for designing and conducting measurement system analyses are outlined. The participants will perform a measurement study using the Average and Range method to analyze the results.

Who should attend:  Engineers, technicians or quality personnel having responsibility for measurement system analysis for manufacturing process improvement and to meet customer requirements or anyone needing to fulfill the Measurement System Analysis requirement for PPAP submission. Managers and supervisors will also benefit from understanding the requirements of measurement system analysis and how this process will fit in the overall quality planning within an organization.