Project Consulting

When your organization has much to do and few resources, having us complete tactical or strategic projects just makes good sense.  We provide the technology and resources to complete those special projects without adding that workload to your company’s own employees.  Our project management and execution as well as our training processes blend together to provide the total package – WE GET RESULTS!

Below are summaries of some of the projects we have completed or are currently in process.  
Our emphasis is always on results – We Make it Happen.


Skill Standards and Proficiency Guide for the Industrial Maintenance Occupation

Partnering with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development – Workforce Proficiency Panel and Vincennes University, we provided the project management, site visit coordination, managed the representatives for the State Technical Committee, Incumbent Worker Group and Instructional Review Team, tabulated all project data, and drafted the final report for the Indiana Essential Skills and Technical Proficiencies Initiative. This project determined the essential skills, technical proficiencies and education requirements for the occupations associated with Industrial Maintenance. The project and report serves to guide the Workforce Proficiency Panel and educational institutions in training and development for incumbent worker skills. During the 18 month project, Wes Shelton guided the 18 participant companies through the site visit process. He managed the Incumbent Worker Group and the Instructional Review Team. He also prepared an internet based validation survey for use throughout the State of Indiana to validate the results of the site visits. At the completion of the project Wes Shelton presented the final report to the Workforce Proficiency Panel.


Inspection Instructions

Contracted by Ivy Tech in Bloomington IN, we created a highly specialized inspector training course for a contractor associated with the NSWC at Crane, IN. The training was under a very tight time frame contract for both the development of the material and the delivery to the inspection staff. In less than two months we delivered a 200 plus page inspector manual combining text, graphics and the highly specialized content from the client along with instructor notes, pre and post session evaluations and the electronic delivery materials necessary for classroom use and hands on activities for use by the participants during the training. The Ivy Tech Program Manager had this to say about our work as the training sessions were completed ——

“Class went really great! There was lots of good discussions amongst everyone. The division manager stated that he felt the material would work well for other departments……..” “…..most valuable is that the class helped them [the inspectors] to think about their processes and how to go about learning them.”

Measurement Training Development

In response to customer concerns about an aerospace company’s workforce’s level of skill in using basic precision inspection equipment, we were contracted to develop a training process for all employees in basic instrument use including scales, calipers, micrometers, depth micrometers, dial indicators and height gages as well as including several proprietary instruments. The training not only focuses on instrument use, but also includes calibration considerations, math and blueprint review and individualized instruction as necessary for mastery of the material. The training uses common parts to allow the participants to grasp the measurement techniques as well as parts unique to the manufacturing operation so the participant can immediately transfer the skill to real world parts. The sessions include a pre and post evaluation with the post evaluation including measurement of actual parts. We have delivered this training to over 400 company employees and manage the results and testing process for the company. The process is currently being expanded to deliver this content via the company intranet.