Training Program Development

When the situation calls for specialized training development, we are an excellent source for your organization to provide the instructional design and execution specific to your needs. Specialized training programs ensure that you get exactly the content you need delivered in exactly the way you want – all targeted to your learners. Whether it is a single training topic or a complete series of training for your organization, our staff can design, develop, and deliver exactly what you need.

Key Benefits for your organization are:

  • The training developed can be instructor led, self paced internet or intranet based or a combination of both delivery methods.
  • The training can include evaluations of participant learning in the forms of written exams, practical exams, and delayed assessment for retention.
  • We provide a turnkey process doing the instructional design, preparing copy, shooting stills and video as required, post production editing and delivering the complete package.  We can also train your trainers in the materials to make your organization self sufficient.
  • We provide all instructions necessary to maintain and update the information or we can provide update services as necessary.

Going beyond your in-house training needs, we can provide information for customers in the form of operating instructions, parts information or other end user informational requirements. Free up your staff to design and develop your product and let us do the documentation.